My First Run

I ran 3.44 miles today. 15 min/mile!  This is the first time ever I've run on my own and a full 3 miles.  That was my goal to get through it.  I had a great playlist from  I used 2 apps to help with the intervals and track my distance.  Honestly, it was fun.  I didn't have a set path - it was more of a discovery run to see if I could actually do it.  I don't know why I always let my head get the best of me.  I like to run through quiet areas.  I get a little hesitant when people are around.  I get self-concious too; do I look like a weirdo, am i running really slow, am i going to pass out, my feet hurt, my legs hurt..blah blah blah.  in the end i felt great. I had a hard boiled egg, banana, and a salad.  I have to find more playlists to keep me motivated.  i got some flyknits, but they hurt my feet a bit.  i don't think i'm supposed to wear socks with it.  but i also got some new frees 4.0.  i'm going to try and run with those next.

now tomorrow is going to be tough.  i have to work and then i have a happy hour with my coworkers afterwards.  then i'm going to vallejo at night.  maybe tomorrow will be a rest day because i'm pretty sure i'm going to be sore.

well i feel great and now i get to sit down, relax, and not feel guilty about sitting on the couch for a few hours with miss jackson.