So Far So Good...

I've gone running 5 days in 7 days.

Every time I have run at least 3 miles.  My most being 4.04 miles. 15 minute miles.
I'm kind of tired, so I decided to take today as a rest day and run tomorrow and saturday.

Who would've freakin thunk that I would be able to do this.

Trust me - I say a prayer before, during, and after every run.  The strength, courage, and determination is definitely not within myself but by the grace of my savior Jesus Christ.

Granted it's only been 5 runs, but it doesn't feel like a chore.  I WANT TO RUN! Holy smokes!

Running is a great feeling - ok i'm really doing intervals - but i'm challenging myself every time.

I either increase my high interval time or run faster.

I've been doing more hills wherever I can find them. I've been discovering parks, restaurants, secret paths, my own strength and inner being.

It's freeing.  A lot of thinking-like that scene in What Women Want where Mel Gibson can hear women's thoughts and the girl is running has one thought after another - yup that's me on a run.  I love it.

It's true though - you definitely need the right music.

Here's my most recent instagram photo (@conniecristin)