Still running, but a little tired

I took the weekend off - only because it was jam packed with 'stuff' to do.

-my best friend's baby shower
-my cousin's bday

so i ran today and just felt blah.  granted i still did 3 miles, but didn't feel the usual drive i've been feeling on my other runs.  kenneth said it's ok - at least i still went.

my appetite is getting smaller.  i feel like my whole view on exercise and 'diets' are changing for the better.

although i did eat a crazy buffet meal yesterday at claim jumpers.
i'm learning that having a big meal is not bad.  it's ok to have those 'cheat' days.  when i look at it that way, i don't feel guilty. i didn't feel like i had to run 5 miles today and exercise like a crazy person.

so the whole shopping day was actually productive.  AnyMountain had a sale on some NorthFace gear. I got 2 running tops and leggings for just under $100.  Now for those of you who know Northface - their stuff is like $100 for 1 piece.  So what i got was a steal!  It sucks that I left it at my mom's house - but i'll be getting it on Wednesday to look super cute on my run on thursday.

By the way - if you're a runner - use the NIKE+ running app!  It's so motivating especially if you have friends on there.  I'm .1 mile ahead of my boyfriend right now - and all we do is motivate each other with it.

Oh!  So the whole 'weight loss' thing.  I'm not losing any!  BUT i can tell i'm losing inches because my stupid leggings were falling down today while i was running.  and clothes are getting a little looser.  and my tummy is getting slightly smaller.  so i'm not too worried about not dropping any weight.

i gotta -- just keep running...just keep run-ning run-ning....... =)