Gallavanting Around San Francisco

There are a few good things about being off during the week; not so busy in the city, everyone else is at work, 'me' time!  I have been enjoying a random Tuesday & Wednesday off to recharge, and refresh.  I get to spend time with myself.  I've been itching to take my camera out and get some photos in.  I don't know if anyone is like me - but I get really shy taking pictures alone in public.  I don't know - insecurity I guess.  So I broke the fear and went against it.

Today I had an early start.  Woke about 8, had some breakfast and coffee.  I went over to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry building.  I'm not a huge produce gal and I'm fine with buying my veggies at Safeway.  But it was a nice day to shoot and walk around when it's not so crowded in that area.  The skies were blue, and lots to see.  The only thing I bought was some almond and walnut brittle with dark chocolate and coffee.  It was deeelish!

I then walked around the Embarcado centers for a bit and decided to head home.

Once I got home, I immediately grabbed my pup and took her to Fort Funston.  Rain, shine, foggy, misty it doesn't matter. Fort Funston is always fun.  We took the whole trail around the top.  Didn't hit the beach this time.

A great day overall.  I spent the last few hours of the afternoon before Game 1 of the World Series at Foglifter Cafe.  My favorite part of living in San Francisco are the cafes!  FogLifter is only 2 blocks away.  It has plenty of outlets and places to sit.  Coffee and food are great.  Service is even better. Plus free wifi.  1 downside; they close at 8.  Which means I have to go to Java Ocean Cafe which is only another 2 blocks to the right and they close at 9.