The Final Round....

Back to church and feeling refreshed.
Back to working out and feeling renewed.
Back to the routine and feeling rejuvenated.

I am done with being luke-warm. I am over the feeling of helplessness.
It's time to get back in to the groove.  And I know there are a million of these types of posts from me.

If I don't blog about it then I can't track my progress.

I have determined the following:
1. I need a routine.
2. I need support.
3. I need to complain.
4. I need to ask for help.

I bought this program in April and it's called the Venus Factor.
I will link at some point.  But I don't want to endorse just yet until I see results.
It's a straight forward work out and meal plan customized for my size, and realistic results.

Anyway...let's see how it goes. Pretty nervous.