Break Every Chain

I need to put this down before I forget...

During my quiet time I had a moment of silence just seeing if the Lord had anything for me in that moment.  At first I saw a large white vast of nothing.  At first it was like a large wall with nothing else around it.  It was me and Jesus.  The area continued to get larger and larger until it was a huge white dome.  Jesus then said - I will fill this white area with everything you will learn from me.  Outside of this dome are all the interactions and situations you will go through in order to learn them.  For example - on this side of the dome is a coworker whom you can't stand - and on the inside of the dome I'm going to write patience.  Because this is what you will learn from that coworker.

Wow - that's amazing.  

I'm learning how to become Mary and not be so "Martha".  Man if she knew what people said about her - I don't think she would like it very much.  

As much as I think I'm on my own - I'm not.

How amazing is God to reveal me these things.  There's no more me - it's all about Him.  I love you Jesus!