Return to Me

Many times I have failed.  But it only takes one time to turn to the Lord be renewed.  He is here all of the time and He is literally waiting for my attention.  Even during my prayer time I am consistently 'coming back' to Him.  To be filled with His truth day in and day out is truly a struggle.  Oh but how sweet it is when I am cradled in His arms of love.  It is so refreshing to just cuddle up with Jesus knowing that everything is great.  However, it is very difficult in my human nature to refuse my obsession to be independent and depend on God at the very same time.  Amos talks about how God is continually and consistently reaching for our attention, but yet we turn our heads the other way and try to do everything on our own.  He is not here to reprimand, He is here to comfort, teach and guide.  I love the life I live when I am completely surrendering to Him.  Yes, there are days when I lose Him and have to find my way back.  But with God there is no reset button. This is a continued progression of growth, and maturity in His word.