Support the Weak

I have been struggling for a few weeks finding a small purpose within church, home, and work.  As I am being fed the word today I am noticing tidbits of knowledge that God is giving me. 

Joel 2:11-12
According to the Truth-in-Action it is best to support everyone in their spiritual purpose. It says to become a champion and support for others.

I was then led to Acts 20:24. Which talks about my life not being my own but to fulfill God's purpose for me.

I reached 20:35
-Support the weak
-It is more blessed to give than to receive

There is a lot more information in these chapters, but this is what I feel like the Lord is telling me. I don't think He is giving me more than I can handle. He is giving me just enough to understand the actions I need to follow Him and fulfill my purpose in Him.