Salt of the Earth

There is no good that comes out of being distant from God.  But how sweet it is when we are reminded of His grace and salvation that pulls us back in.  It's difficult for me to listen to His voice, but when I buckle down and do it - it just always seems right.

I opened my Bible today to Leviticus.  And that 'wow' factor has just entered my heart.  God commanded Moses and His people to sacrifice and burn their sacrifices in certain ways.  He said that their offerings must be the best; oil, flour, first fruits.  This reminds me of the times now - what are we offering to the Lord?  Is it our best?  Is it our finest?  Is it our first fruits?  It's amazing when God shows you what you need exactly when you need it.

I have been selfish since being engaged - I haven't given God my best.  I haven't put in the time I should be doing to give Him my undivided attention.  We are the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13), but if the salt loses its flavor - how are we to be seasoned?  Daaaaaang.  Powerful stuff right?  The Truth in Action section of my Bible describes this as: "recognize that your life has either a positive or negative effect.  Live responsibly to bring glory to God."  Oh snap!  I am challenging myself right now and thinking - AM I LUKEWARM??? It's all or nothing at all right?? (did the o-town song just pop in to your head?)  My life needs salt - and who better than to bring my life taste than God?  I have been searching for new and better when it was sitting on my nightstand the whole time - yes THE WHOLE TIME!

Thanks for the reminder God.  Your made my life salty again.