With Faith

So I sat in silence so I can open my ears and shut my mouth to the Lord.  I am done talking, and asking, and complaining.  I felt it was time to finally give it up.  How selfish right?  How obnoxious am I to think that I can handle everything on my own.  Then a vision came to me; a roll of pennies, but not in the wrapper.  They were in a stack but neatly laid out.  I thought - ok umm...a penny is 1 cent.  And then I felt like He wanted me to read Hebrews; so a penny being 1..I thought Hebrews 1:1.  Yes it spoke to me..but then I opened biblegateway.com and accidentally put Hebrews 11.  And THIS is what God wanted me to read.

It was about faith.  And how naive I am to faith and what it really stands for.  God promises us and end result whether good or bad of the outcome as long as we have faith.  It almost always does not go in the way we planned.  OF COURSE!  But it was always end up better than expected because faith drives the end result to God's plan - not our's.  Well duh!

So the meaning of all of this is simple - FAITH.  But serious faith though.  Faith that even if I can't see the end result; even if it doesn't look like it will end in my favor, it will end in God's favor.  And that's more than I can ever ask for.  So whatever you see or don't see - the Lord commands us to obey and have faith that His hand is a part of the plan.  Actually - His hand is controlling the entire plan.

I have been over the last few weeks trying to understand everything about what is happening.  But the people mentioned in the chapter had no idea what was happening and they still put one foot in front of the other with no doubt that God was handling the situation from the very beginning.  I can't keep thinking on my own understanding - that' absurd!  My mind is so small to comprehend the lessons that God has prepared for me.  Why would I even begin to comprehend His purpose?  All I know that it is His purpose that matters and I don't need to understand it - I just gotta have faith-ta-faith-ta-faith....I gotta have FAAAII-TH.  (I couldn't resist!)