Behave Like a Christian

I kind of copped out on the title - it was the title of the chapter.  I opened up and the verse of the day was Romans 12:12.
"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer"
Which then I felt led by the Lord to read the full chapter.  There are times when I feel slightly off the path that God has given me - and he guides me right back to Him.  This is that time.  And really - it's not anything profound like going out and feeding the hungry in Africa or going to Nepal to help the earthquake survivors.  The chapter is very simple;

vs. 2 Do not be conformed to this world
vs. 3 Don't think of yourself higher than anyone else
vs. 6-8 Use your gifts which our specifically designated to each of us for a reason
vs. 9 Love in truth, disregard evil, attach to what is good
vs. 10 Be kind to one another without hesitation
vs. 12-15 Rejoice in hope, patient in trials, pray, be hospitable, bless those who persecute you
vs. 16 Empathize and sympathize
vs. 17 Do not take revenge - be equal to all men - overcome evil with good

Very basic - yet, so difficult at times.  We easily forget.  *RAISES HAND* GUILTY!  But hallelujah we have a friend in Chris who forgives me for forgetting.  He guides me and I don't have to feel guilty.  Because He pulls me back and I am reminded of His mercy.  Who knows - maybe the Lord's goal for me is to serve in Africa or Nepal.  I am part of a body - and I am not independent from it.  I should be working together with the rest of the body to share the good works of Jesus.

My prayer..

Journey to the Altar - Let Jesus always be the core and center of our marriage
Our Life's Mission - Continually listening to the spirit to guide us to what He essentially has for us as a couple