Women of the Bible

I have decided to go through the word and learn about the women of the Bible.  The book I opened was Esther.  The 1st chapter was about the Queen's disobedience to her King.  Very interesting.  As I think forward to my marriage..no just my wedding-I am pondering on the type of wife the Lord will lead me to be.  It's difficult...to submit.  To love as Christ loved the church.  Growing up in a world where it tells you how a relationship should be and now instilling the ways that the Bible says it should be.

In the 1st chapter it also talks about how the King got rid of his queen because of this.
"When this decree is published throughout the king’s vast empire, husbands everywhere, whatever their rank, will receive proper respect from their wives!” (Esther 1:20)
Although Kenneth and I are extremely different, we have one thing in common and that is the love of Christ.  We are both sinners, and saved by His blood.  Therefore our lives are committed to the pursuit of Him.  By following this commandment daily it shouldn't be about what we bring to each other's satisfaction - but what the Lord commands us to do to help us connect deeper in our relationships with the One True King.  Phew!  Literally shooting words out and I can't type fast enough!  If what I need to do is obey my husband in obedience to Christ - then that is what I'll do.  The Lord will make it happen.....