Always a good day - even when it's not

Got some bad news at work today.  Not a fun convo for my boss to have w/ myself and my 6 counterparts.  We dipped pretty badly in a weekly measurement we get - and as whole none of us were happy.  Some of us disappointed , some of us pissed, some of us just perplexed, and some just down right speechless.  

However, at the end of the day the question really is - what change will you make tomorrow.  In my line of business - I don't have time to sulk, be angry, or be all up in my feelings.  I only have 1 choice - to make a difference and fix it.  

It's frustrating - yes.  But the longer I sit and think about how badly we performed, the longer it will STAY BAD.  However, if I really dig deep, find the holes, plug em up and move on with my life - the faster we will get those numbers back on track.  

When Jesus told the church to choose leaders & elders.  He instructed them to choose the ones that were level headed, mature, and are on track.  As a leader at work - I have to be the same - mature and not get emotional about the roller coaster of good and bad performance.  I must step up to the place and take action!  And that's exactly what I'm going to do!  I don't have time to feel any type of way about it - I must be objective!  It's only about getting results and figuring out the best plan to get there.