You are the Driver but He's the GPS

When you surrender everything to God, the expectation is that He takes control from there right?  Wrong!  I am still driving, I am still in control.  BUT! I have surrendered all that I WANT to do for what GOD WANTS ME TO DO.  He is now my GPS.  Before, I was driving and deciding my own direction.  That's the difference. 


My husband reminded me of this the other day.  I kept saying..."Can't God just tell me what to do?!".  And my wise husband said..."No! It's your decision to follow what He's saying so you have to listen and obey."  It's hard enough to obey and give it all to Him - but you have to make that decision CONSTANTLY!  This is why faith is so important.  You have to give it everything you have day in and day out.  To sit down and spend time with Him to get to know His voice, to let the Holy Spirit work.  Then you have to go about your life.  You have to move!  God gave us brains for a reason.  We get to worship, we get to pray to Him, we get to spend time with Him and experience His promises.  We for sure don't have to do any of that. 

driving in the rain

Every day I have 4 verses that pop up throughout the day - 1 in the morning around 7a, the 2nd one around 11a, the 3rd late afternoon, and the 4th around bend time.  They are reminders of my purpose.  My passion can change, but my purpose is to stay the same - love God and love others.  Those 4 verses remind me to do those 2 things daily

Are you living your life as the driver of your life AND the GPS? Maybe it's time to let go and let Him be your GPS.  Trust me (no trust God), it's so worth it when you know that God is telling you when to turn and where to turn.