How Do I Prepare for My Photoshoot?

So after hours of searching for the right photographer that fit your budget, and pretty cool personality - now you actually have to take the pictures!  Doing engagements are a lot of fun for me.  There is no agenda, timeline, or set positions.  It is very free and open to creative direction.  In order to get the most out of your photoshoot I found that these 5 tips will help prepare you for the day.



1. Do a little bit of homework!

It's always good to do a little research before your shoot.  What kind of poses do you like? What kind of background?  What kind of setting?  What kind of feel?  Now there are a ton of reference photos out there.  To narrow it down, start with Pinterest.  It's got the best collection of photos.  Even a google search can work too.  Next, save them directly to your camera!  Even text them to your photographer.  The more references the better.  If the photographer gets an insight in to your mind and style, the easier the day will go.  Another key is to be transparent and candid about what you don't like.  If you see something that you just do not want to do - don't hesitate to let your photographer know.  Again, you are paying for their services mostly likely by the hour.  You definitely don't want to waste anytime taking pictures that you know you're not going to like.   


2. Choose Outfits 

Give yourself options.  Usually photographers will agree to do a few outfit changes.  If that's the case, at minimum have 2; 1 casual, 1 dressy.  If you can get 3, do a 'date night' type of outfit.  The outfits don't have to match, but should be similar in style.  Be aware of your locations.  If you go somewhere that has yellow backgrounds, then I wouldn't wear yellow.  Or if you your location has a lot of flowers, then I wouldn't wear anything with a lot of print.  Wear something that you feel comfortable in and yourself.  You will have a lot more fun   If you plan on using these pictures for you invitations or incorporate them into the wedding at some point, choose an outfit that matches your color scheme.  This will make it so much easier to to put everything together.  Ladies, make sure you bring hairspray for those curls, and make up for touch ups .  Engagement shoots can be anywhere from 6-8 hours if you're doing multiple locations.  You'll probably eat in between then so a toothbrush and some floss will be good too.   



3. Practice in the mirror.

You will be doing a lot of smiling!  This could get a long-winded.  Try to figure out what your best side is.  To do that: have someone take a picture of you from the back and you looking over your shoulder on both the left and the right.  Do it again from the front and have your body face at an angle and your head towards the camera for both sides.  There are other ways to do it and plenty of Youtube videos, and online tutorials - but this way seemed this easiest for me.  Remember those pictures that you researched in step 1?  Yup, practice those poses too.  There will be a lot pictures taken while you are moving; walking, holding hands, kissing.  Always try to have a relaxed face or a slight smile.  The best thing to do is think of something that makes you happy.  We'll call it your happy thought - easy enough.  This is what you'll think of all day.  The day you met your significant other, the day your child was born, the day he proposed.  Whatever it is - always have it.  Trust me, it will shine through your photos.  


4. Be open to suggestions, but give suggestions as well.

Your photographer is there for you and to make memorable moments.  They are the professional.  If they have ideas, be open to them.  However, don't be scared to give your opinion or preferences.  Some times the photographer's creative mind can get a little wild.  If you're up for it - you could end up with something amazing.  Again, remember those pictures you researched?!  Whip those pics out and remind the photographer to get those shots.  Some times the photographer gets caught up in rhythm that we forget to pull out our phones for the references photos.  

IMG_8889 copy 2-2.jpg

4. Have fun!

This is going to be an amazing day.  You are celebrating a milestone in your life and documenting it for everyone to see and look back on, have fun with it!  Don't worry about getting the perfect shot - that's the photographer's responsibility.  Just keep thinking about that happy thought.

I hope these tips helped you to get ready for your shoot!  If you liked it or have any tips on how you have gotten ready for your shoot - please comment below!