Better Than What We Imagined

So last night we had a girls night at the Brit & Co Holiday Pop in the Marina.  It was magical!  Holiday decor, hot cocoa, infinity room and crafts everywhere!  Of course, the girls jumped right in on the action.  There were 2 crafts to choose from; small DIY pom poms and a string wooden keychain.  I went for the keychain.  As soon as I sat down I knew my craft was going to be basic and boring.  Crafting is not my forte.  I hate following directions, and I never have enough imagination for it, but I digress.  I started to follow the instructions anyway one step at a time:

  • Step 1 - Take a 12in piece of leather string. 
  • Step 2 - Hook it on a key ring.  "Ok so far so good." 
  • Step 3 - Take a few wooden beads and tie it to the string.  "Alright, we're getting somewhere". 
  • Step 4 - Tighten, add tinsel.  "Umm, mine doesn't look like the picture anymore." 
  • Step 5 - Color the beads. "If you say so..."

This is what it's supposed to look like;




And now here is my finished product:

Brit & Co DIY Keychain

What was supposed to be one thing turned in to something completely different, but I loved the result!  As I held my pretty Mickey Mouse doughnut keychain I thought - wow, this is just like what God is trying to teach me.  We have this layout of our lives, expectations, and plans.  Sometimes you just make a detour, but the end result is something so much better than what you expected.  He has a plan for you.  A plan bigger than you can ever imagine.  Even though we can't see the end result, each step we take is just one step closer to God's calling for you.  Sometimes is just taking that next step and asking Him to guide you to the next.  You have gifts and talents specifically given to you for a specific purpose.  Start with that, you never know where it will take you.  You were created to create. I hope you are encouraged and that you lean in to His promises for you!