Locicero Family Photoshoot

This session was so much fun!  I don't get to capture babies all that often.  Aeriana was the perfect subject.  We decided to shoot at a great location; Aldarado Park in San Pablo.  It was the perfect setting; green grass, a park bench, trees, and the sun shining through.  The beginning of the day was a bit windy and cold, but soon enough it warmed up.  We started off the bench with everyone and it was such a nice "in the park" feeling. 

I saw that the lighting was really great with the trees and the grass so we moved over there.  Mom also came with reference photos which I loved!  Having ideas come from the clients is so helpful to determine the clients' style.

Next we did some just with Aeriana by herself and she was so adorable!  We also did some shots of just mom and dad.  I figure it's been awhile since they've had some photos of just them 2.  Overall I thought this shoot was executed perfectly.  Mel and James - thank you for letting me document your life's journey!  

Child on grass
Couple in park