My Bullet Journal for 2018

I'm so excited to show you guys my 2018 bullet journal!  I started BuJo'ing just in the beginning of 2017.  A few of my friends were doing it and I thought it was the dumbest thing.  At the time I was using a simple planner I got from Target.  I realized that I couldn't find anything for 2017 that fit my needs.  Minimalistic, and a ton of white space.  I saw a bunch that I liked at Paper Source, but just not enough room for what I was looking for.  

White Moleskine Bullet Journal

I finally gave in and bought a white Moleskine.  It was definitely difficult to get used to in the beginning.  I didn't know where to write, or how to set anything up.  It took almost the whole year to figure out the layouts that worked for me.  That's the beauty of the Bullet Journal though.  The planner evolves with you.  If you don't like something, you can change it.  Tweak it until it works for your routines and goals.  I still have a ton of changes that I would like to make.


About a month ago I started thinking about my 2018 bullet journal.  Of course I could choose the easy route and just got with the Moleskine.  Nothing wrong with it.  Being the one that always wants to go outside of the box, I was on a quest to find something better.  Alas!  After searching and searching I found the perfect one!  Love the look, the feel, and it was also a bit cheaper!  I still like the Moleskine, but the quality of the Lemome feels so much better.     

I looooove it!  The paper is thick, the cover is feels sort of like a sturdy suede, and it has a pen loop in the perfect spot!  I'm already so over my old one.  The pages ended exactly on the last week of 2017!  So I am ready!  Here's a few of my spreads that I am applying for 2018.  I didn't have a ton of goals for 2017 - but I feel like that this new chapter is allowing me to set and stick to these goals.  

Lastly, pens.  I am a left-hander.  If you're not familiar with left-hand problems - let me fill you in.  The pen smudges and smears and it sucks!  Well after years and years, someone introduced me to the best pens ever!  They're super affordable, quick drying, and glide like butter!  



Anyone else in to Bullet Journals?  Show me your spread!