Hi All!  It's official! I am a Thumbtack Pro!  I signed up a few weeks ago and so far hired twice! So exciting!  I have also signed up for Yelp, Knot, Groupon, and Google Business.  I am finding that you have to be findable if you want people to actually find you!  A lot of competition out there!

In other news - San Francisco was hot this weekend!!!  I had to head out to a site to take some practice shots for an upcoming shoot and it was beautiful today!!  My husband is so patient with me.  He is my test subject all the time, but hey - free photoshoot right?!  

We headed down to North Beach and got there just as they were packing up the festival.  Good part was - the business kind of died down and we were able to walk around without elbowing people in the chest.  We grabbed some dinner at Chubby Noodle.  Soooo good!  If you ever get a chance to try it - get the garlic noodles, fried chicken, and pork tacos.  Trust me ..you won't regret it!!

This week is so crazy...I am of course working every day, but also have some thing every day AFTER WORK!  Praying for rest in between, and not to get caught up in the busy-ness of it all!  Remember!  If the enemy wants take you from God - he makes you busy!!