Need to know basis...

Lately I've been praying for something specific which has to do with timing.  Everyday I just ask.."When?!!"  Of course, the Lord has me waiting and waiting because he knows I'm impatient.  I just started studying the book of Acts. If you're not familiar - Jesus has already risen and is now performing miracles and teaching for the next 40 days.  He continues to tell the disciples that the Holy Spirit will be coming down.  And of course like me - they ask 'WHEN?!'.  And just like Jesus in His own way responds with this verse;

He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority.
— Acts 1:7 ESV

OF COURSE He would say this to me!  Patience is something that I need to work on.  Although my type A personality allows me to do extremely well at multi-tasking, and getting a lot of things done in a small amount of time, it also hinders me. It keeps me from being present and in the moment.  At times I struggle with identifying my current season - instead I am always looking ahead in to future seasons (as if I even have the ability to do that!). 

Anyway - just sharing some things that are on my mind lately.  I am slowly learning how to be patient, identify my current season, and learn the lesson God wants me to learn right now.