Dreams vs Goals

I've realized that I am a dreamer - but nothing matters unless I put those dreams in to action. God blesses us with skills and gifts - but it's up to us to do something with them. Then alas!  I found the Full Focus Planner!  What's that you ask?!  Well it's another planner.  Yes - that's really it.  Why is it so good?  Well - it's the content and the layout.  The focus of the planner is to determine goals, and have a clear path to achieve them.  So many times we have these goals, ideas, and dreams in our heads, but no idea where to begin. Or even worse - we begin, but get so distracted that we just stop midway!  I feel like I have had so many of these moments in my life.  So many projects started, some finished, but most ending in "in progress" status.  

There are so many bible verses about using our gifts. Ephesians 2:10 is one of my favorites; and God calls us His masterpiece!  What an honor!?!  I believe that every single person was created for a specific purpose.  Now if we can find a way to not be so distracted!   I heard a really great quote the other day on a podcast; "Everything we've ever dreamed of is just on the other side of fear."  So good right?!    

I'm going to be honest - I am a little nervous about starting this planner. Why?  Because it's accountability.  I don't like being held accountable, sticking to a schedule, or even doing things when I don't want to.  I guess that's the purpose of this planner though right?  To keep you on track even when you don't want to.  After watching the tutorials and looking through the layouts I feel like I am ready to dive in.  I love planners and have tried a lot of them.  I love simplicity.  The FFP makes it clear what needs to be focused on each day, each week, and each month.  I tend to focus on everything all the time.  Right now I use a bullet journal and it has been working out great.  However, I definitely want to use the Full Focus Planner as a supplement just to stay organized.  

Well, as I embark on this journey I hope that you take a look at your gifts, skills, and talents to determine what God has planned for you!