Manual Mode vs IG

Hey all. So Kenneth and I went on our evening walk and I saw some pretty nifty skies.  The issue I have; I brought my dslr and tried to take the shot in manual.  Totally trying to be a cool kid and learning the real ways to take a photo.  But it just wasn't happening.  I just couldn't get the blue skies, the light post and the building to all get the right exposure.  Then, I tried it with my Iphone and voila! Perfection.. or pretty close to it.  Top 2 pictures are with my Iphone, and the bottom 2 are with my camera with different manual mode settings.  I realized after looking at the settings of my Iphone pic - that I didn't have the right lens.  How sucky is that?!  To have the wrong lens and completely miss a shot.  As I continue to practice with manual, I am learning a lot about how to adjust and get the right exposure, aperture, etc. It does take a lot of messing up before finding the right settings.  However, I did find a new way to try and get the right settings - take a pic with the iphone - get the settings and adjust your DSLR.  It's definitely a cool hack to try out.  The app I use is Pro Camera - you just pull up the photo in the app and hit info - and it gives you everything from the f-stop, iso, etc.  

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. It was waaaaay too hot for me though.  I love my foggy, cool, 72 degree, SF weather.  After experiencing 90+ humidity in DC, I was ecstatic to get back to SF.  But this weekend's weather was completely insane!

Anyway, if anyone has hacks to get the ride settings for manual when you're learning - I'd love to hear about them!