Family Session - Vacaville, CA

I had the opportunity to shoot the biggest family I've ever shot before...26 people and 5 dogs!  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous....but it turned it out amazing!  They were such an easy and fun bunch to be around there wasn't a lot to do! The one in charge - Charo did an awesome job of gathering the groups needed in an orderly fashion.  The whole family had a lot of fun!  The dogs were hilarious!  I love how each family had one!  We shot around 11a out in their backyard.  The sun was right where it needed to be.  Although it was moving pretty fast, we were able to work with the sun and move around their huge backyard.  She also had these 2 bay hales that we used for seating.  It worked out so well!  We had 3-4 different backgrounds to use during the 2 hours we were there.  Afterwards they even fed us! It was amazing and we had so much fun!  The best part was that the weather was great, the sun did its thing, and everyone was a natural in front of the camera!