Now, I have attended a number of weddings, photographed a few, and have gotten married myself.  Throughout those experiences I have seen a few things that could help a future bride.  If you or someone you know is about to tie the knot - make sure you follow these 5 steps to get through the day.


1. Delegate!

This is IMO the most important step of this whole post  If you don't do any of the rest of the steps - just do this one.  Throughout the year it's been you and only you who has planned every detail with the help of your friends and family.  However, up until this moment you have made every decision.  Well the day of your wedding is when it comes together and it's time to execute.  Guess what?  You're going to be busy getting married!  So remember that bridal party?  Yea - the 7 or 8 girls and guys you have chosen?  Yea...each of them is getting a job.  Maid of Honor - You're in charge of paying each vendor on the day of the wedding in cash (Pro-Tip btw..), Bridesmaid - You have to get our stuff moved to the bridal suite, and Groomsmen - Grab the gifts..etc.  So simple.  On the day of your wedding - all of you have to do is show up.  Everyone is there FOR YOU!!  Another pro-tip - make sure this is communicated, typed up, emailed, and printed.   

2. Set Time Aside

Another delegated task, but easy to forget.  During the reception maybe after you dinner - take out 15 minutes to be by yourselves.  Catch up, have a private moment, and/or just soak in the moment.  When I got married people told me that it was going to happen so fast and I would simply miss the whole thing.  Well, Kenneth and I took those 15 minutes to be by ourselves and it was amazing.  It gave us a chance to just reenergize, remember what the day was about, and pray. Your guests are fine, yes people are signing your guestbook, the favors are out, and the dj is playing your favorite songs.  Now it's time for you to just have fun!

3. Eat Something

It's a long day.  You were nervous the night before so you didn't eat anything.  You woke up early and started off with mimosas and forgot to eat.  Now your make up is done, and you don't want to ruin that right?  The ceremony started and all you got was water.  Oh wait, now there's pictures, and the adrenaline is pumping so you can't even sit down to enjoy your food.  Well, you're up bridesmaid #3 - you're in charge of making sure the bride eats!  On my wedding day I had 4 girls who made sure they had some sort of snack with them to give me before the ceremony, after the ceremony, and throughout the reception.  Yea, we totally didn't eat during our reception, thank God for the cake cutting! We inhaled our dessert bar!

4. Day of Coordinator

IF YOU CAN FIT THIS IN YOUR BUDGET - GET A DAY OF COORDINATOR.  Not a planner - just someone on the day of to ensure that all vendors show up, know what to do, and everyone gets everywhere on time.  That person will be the middle man for all communication on the day of your wedding.  TBH I met my day of coordinator a few months before our wedding and probably spoke to him once on the day of to made sure he got a dinner.  Other than that - it was such a relief to have someone to handle the decorations, seating arrangements, and to talk to all the vendors.  Now, I'm not gonna lie to you - vendors are expensive!  You don't need the most expensive person - just someone who's organized.  I got my guy from Thumbtack (pro-tip**).  Thumbtack is where I got a lot of my vendors; photographer, videographer, day of coordinator, and make-up artist.  If you're on a budget - this is the way to go!  Anyway, get this person right away - that way they know every detail of your wedding!  

Have you recently been married?  What tips do you have future couples to enjoy it to the fullest? Let me know in the comments below!