Still running, but a little tired

I took the weekend off - only because it was jam packed with 'stuff' to do.

-my best friend's baby shower
-my cousin's bday

so i ran today and just felt blah.  granted i still did 3 miles, but didn't feel the usual drive i've been feeling on my other runs.  kenneth said it's ok - at least i still went.

my appetite is getting smaller.  i feel like my whole view on exercise and 'diets' are changing for the better.

although i did eat a crazy buffet meal yesterday at claim jumpers.
i'm learning that having a big meal is not bad.  it's ok to have those 'cheat' days.  when i look at it that way, i don't feel guilty. i didn't feel like i had to run 5 miles today and exercise like a crazy person.

so the whole shopping day was actually productive.  AnyMountain had a sale on some NorthFace gear. I got 2 running tops and leggings for just under $100.  Now for those of you who know Northface - their stuff is like $100 for 1 piece.  So what i got was a steal!  It sucks that I left it at my mom's house - but i'll be getting it on Wednesday to look super cute on my run on thursday.

By the way - if you're a runner - use the NIKE+ running app!  It's so motivating especially if you have friends on there.  I'm .1 mile ahead of my boyfriend right now - and all we do is motivate each other with it.

Oh!  So the whole 'weight loss' thing.  I'm not losing any!  BUT i can tell i'm losing inches because my stupid leggings were falling down today while i was running.  and clothes are getting a little looser.  and my tummy is getting slightly smaller.  so i'm not too worried about not dropping any weight.

i gotta -- just keep running...just keep run-ning run-ning....... =)

And here I go again...

It's a shame but yes.  Back to one.  No pills, no crazy diets, just good ol' weight loss.

The plan.  50 pounds.

Realistic goals.

April 20 - down 10 pounds
May 20 - down 10 pounds
June 20 - down 10 pounds
July 20 - down 10 pounds
August 20 - down 10 pounds

Start slow.

-Food & Exercise Journal (hand written)
-Eat breakfast everyday
-Eat light dinner everyday
-Drink a crap load of water

Today I was on my way home from work and thought, "I'm not so tired.  I can go to the gym!"  I worked a 12 hour day.  I got home changed to my workout clothes - and then the excuses started to roll phone needs to charge, it's cold, maybe I can workout at home, I don't like working out at home, I don't like to use my lifeproof case, i don't have a good workout how those thoughts just take over.

I prayed and asked the Lord to just shove me in the right direction.
So..I worked out at home and for only 15 minutes.  Do I feel bad? A little bit.

But today is one day, tomorrow is another.  The daily verse was 1 Tim 4:8 For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. (NIV).

Great verse to come to the conclusion that losing weight isn't everything, but it's something.  So here I go. Wish me luck and pray for me.  Thanks for reading.

HCG - R2P2D1

I thought the loading days were going to be heaven.  I was so wrong!  I didn't want to eat, I was full, and I felt sick when all was said and done.  Just thinking about it is making me sick right now. We had pizza, Popeye's, bbq, and all of the desserts you can think of.  Today is day1 of p2 and I have my coffee in hand and am so excited to start this round.  Get it!

HCG - R2P1D1

TOTAL: 17.2
Goal this round: -25 pounds

I chose to get the pills this time.  I also got a multi-vitamin and N-0 for energy when I work out.  Today is a loading day and I don't even feel like eating.  I mean, I WANT to eat, but I don't feel like it.  I want desserts, fried crap, and all of the above.  But, I just don't want to feel sick later.  I have to though - it's only going to help me!!  Here we go!