HCG - R2P2D1

I thought the loading days were going to be heaven.  I was so wrong!  I didn't want to eat, I was full, and I felt sick when all was said and done.  Just thinking about it is making me sick right now. We had pizza, Popeye's, bbq, and all of the desserts you can think of.  Today is day1 of p2 and I have my coffee in hand and am so excited to start this round.  Get it!

HCG - R1P2D34


I KNOW FOR A FACT I'm losing weight.  My clothes are huge!  I feel a lot healthier.  However, the pounds aren't dropping.  I know I shouldn't focus on the number - but let's be real here!  All I see is that stupid number.  It's a measurable goal.  I can't just go by loose fitting pants! Right?!  Right!  Well - you'll be happy to know I worked out yesterday.  I read an article on FITSUGAR; (one of the hundreds of fitness blogs I read), that when you start out running you need to have a plan.  So my plan was as follows:

5 minute walk/jog
30 sec run, 30 sec walk
1 min run, 1 min rest
2 min run, 2 min rest
3 min run, 3 min rest
4 min run, 4 min rest
5 min run, 5 min rest
4 min run, 4 min rest

Total time: 40 min
Total running time: 20 min

It wasn't bad at all!  The reason being is that the run is broken down in to sections.  I didn't get bored and I didn't give up.  I set smaller goals instead of a huge one.  I'm pretty proud of myself!

Anyway, some articles say to rest and break up your work outs through out the week.  But because of my frustration for not losing ANY pounds in over a week--- I'm working out!  

HCG - R1P2D33


I've been steady for an entire week now.  No gain - no loss.  I'm trying to not to be frustrated, but I am.  Here's the thing though, no excuses, but I know exactly what I'm doing wrong;

1. Not drinking enough water
2. Skipping lunch or dinner
3. Not exercising

So I have pretty much no one to blame but myself.  I know that it works, but I think I'm taking advantage of it.  One thing I have learned - you HAVE to follow the protocol and you CAN'T CHEAT.  If you cheat - you're only cheating yourself.  I know I will continue this, but I can't keep taking 'free days' of no meals, or telling myself that I'm going to exercise and not follow through.  It's tough watching my boyfriend continue to lose weight, but I'm stuck in a rut.  BUT - here's the silver lining, I have NOT started working out.  So I think once I start solving the 3 problems above - which are easy to do.  Then it'll all come together.  I can't complain about it - I have to do something about it.

Here's a 30 day before and after picture.  It shows!  I'm so happy to see that there's evidence.  Sorry, the quality is a little ghetto. I didn't feel like editing it and making it all pretty, but you get the point.


HCG R1P2D31 - it's apple day!


I'm the type of person to not take control of my weight, let it go, and to "see what happens".  Well in this case - I can't do that anymore.  I have to take control of this situation and STAT!  In 30 days I'm down 14 pounds.  I mean, it's good - but not great.  My goal was 25 pounds by day 30.  Memorial day wasn't bad at all.  There was so much food - but I stuck with meat only.  I even made crepes, peanut butter marshmallow cookies, and fried rice.  None of it touched my tongue.  I mean, I guess I should be happy because I'm not gaining - but like I've said before- I don't want to stay steady!  I want to LOSE!

Yesterday I made baked lemon pepper chicken and green beans.  I thought pico de gallo was good on everything - yuck - not this time!  The spices were as follows: lemon pepper, garlic salt, garlic w/ parsley, regular ground pepper, and cayenne.  Then I added crushed grissinis for some crunch.  It turned out great when I baked it in a little puddle of vegetable broth from Trader Joe's.  Then I added the pico - and it was not good. Oh well - lesson learned.  It looked beautiful though!

Today is an apple day.  I'm going to go for a jog/walk/run at the marina after work today.  The sun is setting later and the weather is just right.  I'm going to do 40 days of this round.  I'm not dying from starvation and my mind is right.  NO EXCUSES!  Time to keep pushin'!