So, I work nights and weekends. My work weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday-total wackness. It's no surprise-that there is absolutely nothing to do on these days. Everyone else in the world who have normal work weeks-are AT WORK. Now instead of being spontaneous like the good ol' days and just waiting on my ass for the 10 incoming phone calls to tell me what's goin on, I have to plan it myself. boo freakin hoo. So thanks to my good friend Mig, I think I've got it all planned out. For Tuesday, I thought I'd check out JOHNNY FOLEY'S. It's got some live music every night and it's free. For Wednesday, since it's free I'm going to THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. However, I need someone to go with. I'm not a very good solo outing kinda person. If anyone is free..let me know.